Welcome to Changing Perspectives

Welcome to the Changing Perspectives: a Garden through time website.  This digital exhibition focuses on the fascinating stories that have emerge from the development of the Cambridge Botanic Garden from the 1950s to the 2000s.  It follows the various plantings, the ideas and people behind six decades of changes in society, science and our relationship with the environment.  It is these shifting ideas and the inspirational people who worked here that have shaped the Botanic Garden we see today.

IMG_0276 IMG_1671
The Botanic Garden appeals to a wide range of visitors on many different levels.  It is a beautiful green space close to Cambridge city centre, it has world-class plant collections, it sits within a heritage landscape that is changing constantly across the seasons.  Each visit to the virtual and physical Garden offers different things to explore and learn.

The Botanic Garden staff have been infinitely patient and helpful during the creation of Changing Perspectives. I have learned a great deal in the process of researching the exhibition.  I hope that this virtual exhibition will encourage visitors to explore the many fascinating displays and collections of the living Botanic Garden and to inspire you to learn about the fascinating wealth of scientific and horticultural ideas.

Pippa Lacey