IMG_0622This project has been realised with the help and support of many people.  I would like to thank all those mentioned below for their help, support and advice during the development of Changing Perspectives project. With particular thanks to Dr Tim Upson.

Cambridge University Botanic Garden
Special thanks to all Garden colleagues for their enthusiasm and support for this project:
Professor Beverley Glover, Director
Dr Tim Upson, Curator and Deputy Director
Juliet Day, Development Officer

Pete Atkinson, Plants Records Officer
Dr Sally Lee, Education Officer
Sally Petitt, Head of Horticulture
Vanessa Price, Garden Guide
Brigid Stacey, Office Manager and the Administration Team

Cambridge University Collection of Aerial Photography
Alan Martin

Office of External Affairs and Communications
Tim Holt, Head of Communications

Connecting with Connections Programme
Dr Liz Hide, University of Cambridge Museums Officer
Dr Alana Jelinek, Project Mentor
Jo McPhee, Programme Coordinator
Elly Wright, Events Coordinator

Sebastian Falk, Whipple Museum of the History of Science
Dr Aaron Jaffer, Fitzwilliam Museum
Dr Leena Rana, Fitzwilliam Museum
Lorna Richardson, Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology & Museum of Zoology
Dr Rebecca Wade, Museum of Classical Archaeology

Special thanks to
Dr Liliana Janik, Assistant Director in Research, Department of Archaeology

Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Cambridge
Matt Buckley, Head of Workshop & Conservation
Rachel Hand, Collections Manager / Curatorial Assistant (Anthropology)
Sarah-Jane Harknett, Outreach Organizer
Dr Mark Elliott, Senior Curator
Tanika Mei, Marketing and Press Assistant
Professor Nick Thomas, Director

Fitzwilliam Museum
Dr Sally-Ann Ashton, Senior Assistant Keeper, Department of Antiquities

Museum of Zoology
Ros Wade, Education & Outreach Officer

Website and Digital
Kerry Leatherley
Charley Ramm

Rib Davies, Oral Historian
Dr Rob Perks, Oral History Curator, Director of National Life Stories, The British Library

Many thanks to all of those who were interviewed during the course of this project and contributed their stories and their vision:

Professor Sir David Baulcombe
Dr Sara Oldfield
Professor John Parker
Professor Donald Pigott
Mr Peter Sell
Dr Tim Upson
Mr Norman Villis

Dr Pippa Lacey
Connecting with Collections early career researcher
Cambridge University Botanic Garden
University of Cambridge Museums

All images are copyright CUBG or P Lacey, unless otherwise indicated.  
Every effort has been made to credit images and information where known.  If there have been any oversights, please contact the administrator.