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The Botanic Garden in June 2000, before the construction of The Sainsbury Laboratory Cambridge University (SLCU). The eastern section of the Garden can be clearly seen with distinctive plantings.  The brown circle above Cory Lodge (centre) is the Grass Maze, next to the semicircular Rose Garden beds. Healthy Herbie did not appear until 2002.  The green oval below is the original Fenland Display. This was given a major renovation in 2004. The Dry Garden is taking shape next to the Ecological Mound. To the left of these is the new Winter Garden next to the Chronological Bed.  The circular David Mellor Fountain marks the end of the Main Walk and the Main Lawn has been cleared of old shrubs allowing a generous space for events and picnics.

25 August 2009

Transformation in the Garden
During building of the Sainsbury Laboratory (SLCU) (above). The crane on the right-hand side stands in what is now the Olive Courtyard, with the new Garden Cafe behind. The Grass Maze is seen in the green lawn (top centre). The completed building taken 8th February 2011 (below).  Images:  Patrick Squire, Cambridge University

2011-02-08 Aerial Feb 2011The large L-shaped building In the centre is the completed Sainsbury Laboratory Cambridge University (SLCU). To the right is the Glasshouse range with the green of the Main Lawn in front. The Eastern Garden can be seen in the top of the photograph. The labyrinth shape of the Grass Maze is top right next to the Dry Garden.  Healthy Herbie and Herbie’s Dinner is the cookie-cutter shape figure and circle just below the Grass Maze.   The circle of the David Mellor Lily Fountain can be made out in the shadows on the right at the end of the Main Walk. The two photographs were taken from the north of Cambridge University Botanic Garden looking south.  The older western Garden is on the right, while the newer eastern Garden is top left.

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