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A view of the Botanic Garden with the new Winter Garden (1978 – 79) clearly visible in the centre of the new eastern section.  On the southern side of the central path is the Chronological Border.  This planting moved to its current position in 1977, pre-dating the new Winter Garden.  The Scented Garden can be seen in the south-eastern corner, next to Hills Road, together with the Herbaceous Borders.   To the south of Cory Lodge is the Ecological Area, including the Ecological Limestone Mound, the original Fenland Display area, encircled by oval hedges, and on its right is the Conservation Area. A large area to the the north and east of Cory Lodge was given over to experimental research.  Until 1983, Cory Lodge was the private residence of Director, Max Walters and his family. It was converted into offices for the horticultural team in 1984 and also houses the Cory Library.

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