aerial shot

Aerial view of the Cambridge University Botanic Garden taken in the 1980s, from the west above Trumpington Road, looking towards Hills Road in the east.  In the foreground is the oval of the systematic beds (right) and the lake (left) with the Limestone Rock Garden. The photograph pre-dates the demolition of the old Tropical Palm House and its rebuilding in 1989 (see below). The new Winter Garden (1978 – 79) can be seen in the top right-hand corner.  Behind the white shape of Cory Lodge (centre) are experimental research plots divided into small striped plots. The buildings to the north housed the Cory Laboratory and experimental glasshouses.  In the centre of the Main Lawn – partially hidden by a tall sequoia tree – is the circular David Mellor Lily Fountain.  This was installed between 1968 – 1970 at the end of the Main Walk.  Image © CUCAP

An unusual view of the main Glasshouse range on a frosty winter’s day, taken from a cherry-picker. The Limestone Rock Garden and the Mediterranean Beds are to the left and centre of the image. The new Tropical Palm House or Glasshouse – opened by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh in 1989 – dominates the Glasshouse Range. Image © CUBG

(Left)  A view of the Tropical Palm House and Glasshouse Corridor from above. (Centre and right) The new Winter Garden on a bright winter’s morning. Images: © CUBG.


This map shows layout of the Eastern section after the construction of the Gilmour Building (marked by a black cross) in 1989. The large private research area is shaded dark grey. The Gilmour Building contained the cafe, a shop and toilets.  By the 1980s, the Eastern Garden included the Scented Garden, the Herbaceous Beds, the Chronological Bed, the New Winter Garden, The Rose Collection, The Grass Maze and the Ecological Area.  In the Western Garden is the David Mellor Lily Fountain, the Terrace Garden, the Rock Garden, the Water Garden and the Gilbert-Carter Memorial Area.  There were two entrances to the Garden – the main entrance at Bateman Street Gate, with a smaller entrance on the junction of Station Road and Hills Road.

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