Professor Sir David Baulcombe

IMG_0301Professor Sir David Baulcombe is Regius Professor of Botany, in the Department of Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge.  He heads an epigenetic research group focusing on RNA Silencing and Disease Resistance. Epigenetics refers to genetic expressions that persist through cell division and may be passed on from one generation to the next.

The chair of Professor of Botany at Cambridge University was first created in 1724 for Richard Bradley.  Since then fifteen botanists have held the title.  In 2009, the chair was renamed the Regius Professor of Botany.  Regius Professor is a royal appointment by HM The Queen.   In the same year, David Baulcombe was knighted for his services to plant sciences.  Professor Baulcome’s scientific interests include gene silencing, genetic regulation and disease resistance.  He has demonstrated that research carried out on plant DNA has implications for the DNA of humans and animals as well.

Garden Voices  Listen to Professor Sir David Baulcombe talk about the importance of Plant Sciences today and why understanding plants and plant diversity is crucial to human sustainability and survival.

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