Professor Beverley Glover

Director of Cambridge University Botanic Garden, July 2013 – present
Professor of Plant Systematics and Evolution, 2013 – present

Professor Beverley Glover heads an Evolution and Development Group in the Department of Plant Sciences at the University of Cambridge.  Her research group is interested in understanding the evolution and development of floral traits that are important in attracting animal pollinators.  Beverley Glover’s book, Understanding Flowers and Flowering: An Integrated Approach, published in 2007 by Oxford University Press, received the Marsh Book of the Year Award from the British Ecological Society in 2009, for her contribution to the science of ecology.


Beverley Glover joined the Cambridge University Botanic Garden as Director, in July 2013.  She continues her teaching and research interests in the Department of Plant Sciences.  Professor Glover is the first female Director of the Botanic Garden in its over 280 years of history.  She is familiar with the Botanic Garden in Cambridge having undertaken research experiments on Plant Genetics, as well as on Plant and Animal Development, since the 1990s.  In 1997-98, Beverley Glover – together with then Garden Director, Professor Parker (1996 – 2010) and Dr Corbet – undertook studies of the response of insects to plants of Antirrhinum majus.

Education & Career
1993   BSc Plant and Environmental Biology, St Andrews
1996   Junior Research Fellow, Queens’ College, Cambridge
1997   John Innes Centre, Norwich (Cathie Martin’s lab)
PhD molecular genetics of cellular differentiation in the plant epidermis
1999   Lecturer, Senior Lecturer and then Reader in Evolution and Development,
Department of Plant Sciences, Cambridge and Fellow, Queen’s College, Cambridge
2010   Fellow of the Linnaean Society

Electron micrograph petal surfacePrizes  William Bate Hardy Prize 2011 from Cambridge Philosophical Society – awarded every three years to a University member in connection with Biological Science ‘for the best original memoir, investigation or discovery’.  Linnaean Society Bicentennial Medal 2010, awarded to a biologist, under the age of 40 years, in recognition of excellent work.
IMG_1676The Marsh Book of the Year Award 2009 for Beverley Glover’s book, Understanding Flowers and FloweringThe British Ecological Society awards the prize for contributions to the science of ecology. (Above left)  Electron micrograph of a petal surface. Glover B. J. (2007) Understanding Flowers and Flowering: An Integrated Approach, Oxford University Press.

See Google Scholar for Professor BJ Glover’s List of Publications