Key People

Since the 1950s, innumerable people have each played their part in transforming the eastern section of the Cambridge University Botanic Garden. This section features some of the key people who have influenced the way the Garden looks today, including Plant Scientists, Directors, Curators, Superintendents, Taxonomists and Benefactors.
Click to read more: Sir David BaulcombeReginald CoryHumphrey Gilbert-CarterJohn GilmourBeverley Glover, John Stevens HenslowPeter Kerley, Peter OrrissJohn Parker, Sally Petitt, Donald Pigott, Tim UpsonNorman VillisPeter SellMax WaltersPeter YeoBob Younger

Over the decades, changing job titles and the shifts in terminology echo the changes in scientific and philosophical thinking about plants and their study.  For example, in 1991, the School of Botany at Cambridge University became known as the Department of Plant Sciences in order to reflect its affiliation with contemporary molecular biology and genetics.

The Millstone, placed on the edge of the historic western Botanic Garden and the new eastern section of the Garden, is dedicated to the work of staff, past and present. Former Garden Superintendent, Peter Orriss, composed a plaque for the stone.  Originally installed in 1990, the stone was re-dedicated at the 60th Anniversary of the Cambridge University Botanic Garden Association (CUBGA) in 2012.