Visitors’ Book

Garden Gates in the 1960s

Thank you for visiting the digital exhibition Changing Perspectives: a Garden through time. We hope that you have had an interesting stroll through the virtual Garden.  If you would like to leave your comments to let us know what you thought about the exhibition and what you particularly enjoyed, there is space below.  Please come and visit us again.

3 thoughts on “Visitors’ Book

  1. This is a really excellent archive which records in words, photos and recordings the huge commitment given to developing the eastern garden by so many staff and volunteers since the 1950s. It is not well-known that the future existence of CUBG was extremely precarious in the early 1980s because of financial problems, but dogged, persistent campaigning of the then Director prevailed. So the Garden retained its integrity globally as a respected Botanic Garden, while also functioning as a pleasant public amenity and offering educational opportunities to students of all ages. The eastern half has evolved, and continues to do so, in step with the development of ideas about ecology, and has allowed the creation of themes which remain topical and relevant to our changing climate. Above all this record is a fitting tribute to all those who have helped to create and preserve the CUBG for us and for future generations.

  2. What a wonderful idea, realised so beautifully. It is lovely to be able to walk through the garden and walk through time in this way.

  3. Absolutely fascinating! I loved listening to the voices, and it does bring home how important it is to safeguard plants and their environment. It also successfully contextualises CUBG within the history and future of botanical studies. I felt very sorry about the Director who fell into the canal and contracted pneumonia. Beautifully put together and a joy to explore the paths of this online exhibition. Thank you!

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