AIU010 - Version 2

This view of the Garden in May 1964 shows the eastern garden cleared of all the allotments. Norman Villis says it required a lot of vision to imagine a completed Garden.  By 1964, the Scented Garden and Herbaceous Beds can be seen at the far right of the new Garden. The photograph pre-dates many of the later features, such as The Ecological Area with its Ecological Mound and original Fen Display, centre next to Cory Lodge.  The original Winter Garden was located on the far left-hand side behind the Cory Laboratories. The New Chronological Bed (1977) and the New Winter Garden (1978) have yet to be developed and the David Mellor Lily Fountain not yet installed.  Image © CUCAP

The Cory Laboratory and experimental research plots account for considerable space in the private part of the Garden.  The Cory Laboratory was constructed in the 1950s and pre-dates the present Sainsbury Laboratory of Plant Sciences.  At this time, Cory Lodge in the centre of the Garden was the residence of the Director, John Gilmour and his family.

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